This article is about Alpha. For his successor, see Alex.

Alpha, is a mysterious ancient sorcerer, and brother to Omega who lived thousands of years before the events of the series.





Alpha is a cynic by nature, contrasted by his older brother's more optimistic view of the world. While he believes in the goals set out by his brother, he does not have a high opinion of humanity. He feels that humans are just as selfish as the Dark Ones and that his motivations are based purely on self-preservation. He can be quite charming and can make connections easily at social gatherings. Generally amused by most situations, the only thing that upsets him are contentious corrections from his know-it-all older brother. He has a tendency to find the negatives in things, but also the humor in their folly.

Physical appearance


Alpha is a Caucasian male with short black hair, trimmed beard, and white eyes. He wears a black cloak with his signature "A".



  • Alphas cloak is on one side dark and the other part light, referring to his dual nature as half human and half darkness.
  • "Alpha" is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, however he is younger than James.
  • Alpha's name refers to his nature being “first” as darkness came before light.
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