Omega: Episode 1 marks the first episode from the series and serves as a pilot for the overall story and main character. It showcases Omega from the past, Powerball, and the mysterious cult "The Order".


The episode opens in ancient times. A mysterious figure transfers his power into a book stating "This era is over". Years later, now in the distant future, an average college student and powerball player, Devin Hawkins, ponders his future and goals in life. His girlfriend assures him there's more to life than a silly game. Later, Devin's status in his Ancient History class isn't all to great. His professor suggest he study like the ancients did in one of the very few library's that exist. That night at the library, Devin stumbles upon a group shady cult members who are trying to summon what looks to be the book from the very start. After a chase and getting caught, Devin is left surrounded by cult members at the library's alter. The book finally reveals itself and then, mysteriously, it's powers are transferred onto Devin. After an initial shock and visions from the past, Devin instinctively takes out the thugs with his new power within seconds. Shocked by all of this, barely aware of what just occurred, Devin runs out into the night fleeing the scene. Above the library's balcony lurks a perplexing figure.



Development for the episode started in July 2013. After an older version of the series, personally dubbed 'South Park Omega' due to its cheap animation style, the series was rebooted and restarted from a real "pilot" of the series. Originally Episode 1 was going to be made back to back with 2 & 3 (those being different episodes entirely to the final presented ones) but was cut back due to misdirection. The episode in total for the 7 minutes took 2 1/2 years to make. This was due to inexperience and testing for the new direction and style.

The shows overall look in the characters was heavily inspired by the DC Animated show "Young Justice".


  • Devin's phone unlock screen is the number "24". Omega is the 24th letter in the Greek Alphabet.
  • The first we see of Omega's journey is at the end when he transfers his symbol into the book. "Omega" is often used to denote the last, the end.
  • The episode won two medals on Newgrounds: Frontpaged (February 8, 2016) and a Daily Feature award (February 7, 2016).
  • Episode 1 was featured on the Hyun's Dojo Community Youtube Channel [1].
  • The Cult Leaders chant to seize the Omega book was inspired by the Bane chant in the Dark Knight Rises (2012).
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