The Informant (real name Canye Canary), is a main player and negotiator between the major Centl City gangs. He approaches and works for each gang neutrally, serving as a middle man for negotiations. In his opening scene he attempts to negotiate the price of Motions weapons, which sets off the events in Episode 3.


The "Informant" served as a formality between the gangs for many years as a necessity to keep some kind of peace and reason. Many negotiations involved terms and agreements between the cities most dangerous and civil gangs on trading, turf, boundaries, and personal disputes. All to ensure things go smoothly and prevent pure chaos and anarchy within the city. While gangs were opposing forces to each other, their interest generally were mutual. Canye, the Informant was very good at keeping this system in order. Eventually, he came to believe that "force" sadly was the the new trend in the city, and due to his absence or possible death, the gangs in Centl City have no real way to peacefully communicate. He is considered "off-limits" in terms of gang "code" and honor. This rule was broken when Motion, out of frustration, kicked him out of his office window.


The Informant has elastic skin and can stretch his body. This ability has not yet been seen on screen.

Physical appearance

The Informant has combed slicked black hair. He is quite tall and slender. He dresses formally in futuristic Guide Jet Suits, with a turtle neck. The suit itself is fitted to work with his powers.


Cayne has a calm, but somewhat pushy personality. He sets his demands firm and expects a result. He usually takes the "employers" statements and rephrases them in his own words in order to achieve some kind of middle ground. He seems to have some kind of favor with Madlocks gang, or this could be the case of a 3rd party telling him to make that so.


Cayne is inspired by James Wesley from Netflix’s Daredevil (2015) [1].

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