Isabel, is the main love interest of the series. She's smart, caring, and serves as a moral compass for Devin.


You say you do, but we are only defined by our actions. -Isabel, Episode 1

Isabel is Devin's girlfriend before the events of the series. They've been together happily for two years. She's very supportive of him despite not being too keen on his obsession with Powerball. She attends all of his games and almost everyone of his practices.

She’s very compassionate and tries not to lose sight of what's important. The future provides many people a lot of freedom and security but due to this fact, it also produces indifference among the population. She tries to see through the abundance and find the issues people still need help with as a volunteer. Overall, she sees the big picture, but through her actions helps in the small ways only a regular person can.

During the events of the series she shows support and serves as a moral compass to Devin. She believes in him, and would prefer he set his sights on a less selfish life. Later when she is kidnapped, she worried about what would unfold.

Despite her fate being a mystery, she still appears to Devin as hallucinations in Episode 3. She acts how she would've in those situations, pushing him further.


Isabel has a sweet and shy personality. She is compassionate and lives a simple life in the future. At times she can be snippy and often teases Devin when he complains about insignificant issues.

Physical appearance

Isabel is a Caucasian female, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a white blouse, blue skirt, and black shoes. She often is seen carrying tablets.


Isabel is primarily based on Gwen Stacy [1] from Marvel Comics, a love interest of the main hero who also has a tragic fate. Her design is based on Wonder Girl from Young Justice (2010).


  • She is voiced by SailorSilverStar [2]
  • Isabel is the first female to appear on screen.
  • Her physical appearance was originally ripped off of Wonder Girl from Young Justice (2010). This has been changed to avoid further confusion and have some originality.
  • Isabel's line "We are only defined by our actions" was inspired by Rachel Dawes line "It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you" from Batman Begins (2005) [3].
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