Madlock (real name Maddox), is one of Centl City's most notorious criminals. Primarily known for his brute strength, and intimating presence in the criminal underworld. Madlock is a unique meta-human due to his physiological abnormally. He serves as one of the main antagonist of Episode 3.


Madlocks whole life as been surrounded by criminality and violence. Born and raised in the rough part of Centl City, he was often mocked and bullied for his unique meta-human abnormality. His skin was dark cerulean, and he is unable to grow hair on his body. He has no pupils, and have difficulty blinking. His upbringing and abnormality is matched by his brutal force and super strength he uses to squash out any competition to achieving his goals. Through this he was able to move up the ranks within his gang, until eventually becoming its leader.

Madlocks gang is unique in that every member is a meta-human. Despite this, they still rely on weapons and tech when taking on other gangs over turf wars.


Madlock is a very bruiting and somewhat buffoonish personality. He's quite irrational and easy to anger. Most of the occurrences in Episode 3 occurred due to his rage at Motion Ind. price increases. Despite having the rationale explained to him, he still pushed forward a full on gang war with Motion out of spite. Due to his insecurities in his upbringing, hes the type who is not self aware of his ignorance. He often tries to dress up his impression he gives onto others. An example being when he sent his well spoken Informant to explain in kinder words how his client "Is not happy with the price". Even then, most of these plans fail and he ends up either escaping or punching his way out of his problems.

Physical appearance


Madlock sports a huge figure, standing nearly 8 feet tall. His skin is dark cerulean, and he has no body hair. He wears a vest and gauntlets. Brown pants and stable boots for walking.


Madlock was inspired by various brute like villains of popular superheroes. These include Bane from Batman, The Kingpin, Aldar from Smallville (2001), and Parasite from Superman the Animated Series (1996).


  • The character Madlock was created by JTmovie years before "Omega" was conceived of.
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