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Omega (real name James), is a mysterious ancient sorcerer who lived thousands of years before the events of the series.





Omega Symbol

The symbol itself changes the wearers DNA making them indistinguishable to a Meta-human genetically. The user who wields the symbol will have noticeable white tattoo marks on their skin that cannot be removed. Transferring the symbol is possible in various ways, most being unpleasant to the user. It can be transferred into an object or onto other people. Omega being skilled enough to create it, was able to remove the symbol with ease [1].

According to Valon, the symbol is some kind of "Key" the The Order hopes to use to achieve it's goals. Suggesting that Omega used it in the past to lock something away.


James is a very intelligent and pragmatic man who prides himself on being self-made. He keeps a distance between himself and the rest of the world, opting his own way in life. He does not rely on others or teachers in his pursuit of knowledge and power. His closest relationships are with his cynical brother, Alpha and his apprentice Harp. His moral view of the world is black and white, drawing a fine line between humans and the Dark Ones. He believes in humanity despite his own personal distance from most people, and wishes nothing but progress.

Physical appearance


James is a Caucasian male with short brown hair, scruffy beard, and blue eyes. He wears a blue hooded coat, with black pants. On his wrist are gold protective gantlets. His belt under his cloak is fitted with pouches for various sorcery uses.


Omega's style, and look is based on several amalgamations of wizards and sorcerers in pop culture. One of the inspirations for his look is Jace Beleren from Magic: the Gathering [2]. His facial features are influenced by Aquaman from Young Justice (2010).


  • An “omega personality” has been described as a person who isn't like anyone else. They have a tendency to not be part of a larger group. Omega, being unique and redefining sorcery in his own right, would reflect this.
  • Being the character referenced in the shows title, Omega is the first character to appear on screen.
  • James has a fear of heights.
  • The first we see of Omega's journey is at the end when he transfers his symbol into the book. "Omega" is often used to denote the last, the end.
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