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This article is about Omega the Web Series (2016). For the original attempt at the show, see Omega (2010 Series)

Omega is an animated Web television series developed by an independent animator, JTmovie. The show is primarily set in a somewhat utopian distant future where some humans are born with superpowers. The series focuses on Devin Hawkins, a college student who gains an ancient mysterious power that can change the world.

The series is action, and sci-fi based. The fantasy elements play more a role in flashbacks dealing with the origins of the power of Omega.

Plot Overview

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Main Characters

  • Devin (Voiced by JTmovie [2]) is an average guy who lives in the distant future. He's an avid fan of the future sport "Powerball" and wishes to be a star player despite having no powers. After stumbling upon a cult ritual in a library, Devin inherits the ancient power of Omega.
  • Alex the main antagonist of the series.
  • Isabel (Voiced by SailorSilverStar [3]). She's the girlfriend of Devin and main love interest of the show.
  • Valon is the anti-villain of the series, and one of the leaders of the mysterious cult known as "The Order". His quest is to use the Omega symbol to reshape the world back to its natural roots.
  • Max is the main supporting character and comic relief of the series.
  • Omega the mysterious ancient sorcerer and creator behind the Omega symbol. We see his journey through flashbacks of the past and how he changed humanities course to the future we see in the mains events of the series.

Season 1 Characters

  • Motion (Voiced by KingCrowleyVA [4]) illegal weapons trader and meta-human. One of the first villains Devin faces in the series. His weapon technology and connection to the "Big 5" ties into the story arc of the season.
  • Madlock


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Developed in 2008.


The show is heavily influenced by a wide array of movies, TV shows, and pop culture. Examples include: The Matrix (1999), Batman Beyond (1999), Static Shock (2000), Smallville (2001), Avatar the Last Airbender (2005), Young Justice (2010), and The Legend of Korra (2012).


  • The show takes place in the distant future at the height of humanities progress. This can be considered the "end of history". "Omega" is often used to denote the last, the end.
  • The exact year in the past and future is intentionally left ambiguous in the show. This keeps the content fresh without having to guess where humans will be in a specific year.
  • Episode 1 & Episode 2 were featured on the Hyun's Dojo Community Youtube Channel [5][6].