The Future is where most of the events in the series take place. It's in an unspecified time passed “now”. Humanity has long progressed to a global unified world. Although most things are artificial, food is plenty, viruses are eradicated, and labor is done mostly by machines.

Centl City


Centl City.

Centl City is the main location.


Various advances have been made throughout history. As the show takes place at the height of humanities progress, The Future is filled with various sorts of technological wonders:

  • Weather is artificially controlled.
  • Viruses, and diseases are all but eradicated. If someone get's sick, they were most likely poisoned intentionally.
  • Cars, buses and motorcycles fly.


  • People in the future celebrate New Year Eve.
  • English is a universal language all over the globe.
  • People still use cellphones, just with more capabilities.


Since the show takes place on an alternate Earth and history, there are some differences between the real world.

  • Most of the ancient history in the show is comprised of Greek, Roman and Egyptian culture. Various architectural styles and tools exist despite their centuries of separation in the real world.
  • Most animals are all but extinct.
  • Most trees and plant life are artificial.
  • Cars fly. Transportation is 100% automated, rarely do people drive.
  • City Heights are thousands of feet high. The real worlds tallest structures are modest in comparison.
  • Notion of race, gender, and nationality are obsolete concepts.
  • Countries, in the typical sense, do not exist in the future. The planet is made up of various districts and cities with their own local governments.
  • Armies do not exist. The notion of a city going to war with another is as ludicrous as saying LA is going to war with New York.
  • Most labor is done by machines, meaning most humans work by choice.
  • Many hospitals are self-automated. Nearly all business and shops are as well.
  • Most humans have some access to a U.B.I. (Universal Basic Income). Housing and healthcare is free, but not all cities or locations in said city are well-off or safe.


  • The inspiration for setting the show in the future comes from the DC animated series Batman Beyond (1999).
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