The Order is the mysterious cult on the quest for the power of Omega. Their origins date back to ancient times and they're the last known group to use sorcery.


The Orders history dates back to ancient times during Omega's lifetime. Their strict belief in the "natural order" led them down a path to turn humanity back to its original state, before technology. Their members live off the grid, outside of society in the out lands of the world where many work as farmers.

The Order is made up of a trifecta; three leaders who each represent a fundamental part of the world: Light (Humanity), Nature (Animals), and Dark (Dark Ones). Valon, the representation of Nature, made his first appearance in Episode 2.

The Code

Traditionally, members of The Order followed a strict code and guidelines for each member:

  • Nature above all. Do not part take in worldly things.
  • Do not cause harm to your environment or to others.
  • Balance. There are no sides.

The code has been broken several times by more modern members in escalation of their goals. The rationale being “The world is already corrupt, so the guise of purity only holds us back”.

Valon is the only member who follows the code in every respect.

Omega was unintentionally the cults main influence. Their garbs are modeled after his wardrobe and all are hand made by each member. They believed in the path set forward by him, but over the years came to realize the dangers of mankind flying too close to the sun.


The Order was inspired by various cult like groups and organizations from films and television. A main influence comes from The League of Shadows from Batman Begins (2005), and The Red Lotus from Legend of Korra (2012). In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne originally was a follower of the League until defecting. The Order serves as an inverse of that idea relative to Omega. The Order were originally unofficial followers of Omega until defecting from his cause.


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