Valon is the series anti-villain. Neutral in all respects, he is one of three leaders of an ancient order that wants to return humanity back to its natural roots.



”I want a world without this artificially. A world where we don’t keep museums for trees.” -Valon, Episode 2

Valon was born and raised on the outskirts of society under the helm of The Order. He is The Order’s only “pure” member. He engages in no hypocrisy or worldly desires. While he and members of The Order have the same end goal, most are akin to resorting to more “modern” methods of achieving it.

He believes strictly in the natural order and that humanity has long lost its ways. He see’s the world as artificial and broken.


Valon has a very firm and neutral personality. He rarely shows emotions and is straight to the point. He’s not malicious nor intends to harm anyone. When the cult kidnapped Isabel, he took no pleasure in her predicament and firmly assured her he had no intention of harming her. In fact, he seemed annoyed that the things had escalated that far. He has a strict code against violence and will only engage through self defense. He follows The Orders code without deviation.

Physical appearance


Valon has slicked back brown hair and tan skin. His long trench coat is his sorcerer robes. He wears a grey shirt, dark grey pants and black boots. Like all Order members, his clothes are made by hand.


His character was inspired by Unalaq from The Legend of Korra [1], another villain who wants to return to some former natural order. The name “Valon” was taken from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 4 villain, Valon [2]. A character who is part of an ancient cult that wants to “save” the world. Many of his mannerisms are taken from Ra's al Ghul from Batman Begins (2005). However his moral code is an inversion of Ra’s. His coat is modeled after Dante from Devil May Cry. The characters goal of saving the world are in part inspired by Ozymandias from Watchmen [3].


  • Valon’s statement about “artificiality” to Isabel is a reference to Agent Smith’s speech to Morpheus in The Matrix (1999) [4]. As Valon believes most of the world is unnatural due to humanities progress, he would see everything around him like a prison or a matrix.
  • Valon is a dark reflection of Omega. He too is unique and self-made in many ways, but instead of favoring the progress of humanity like Omega did, he wants to bring the world back to its original state.
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